Trademark and IP Services

The Intellectual Property (IP) associated with a business name or system can be one of its most valuable assets – but only if it is properly exploited and protected. Any business that wishes to establish a national or international identity should take steps to protect the use of its name, logo or other IP. This is preferably done at the outset when it is simpler, more efficient and more effective.

It is commonly assumed that registering a company name or website is sufficient to protect that name. While this may afford some protection if nobody else has registered a similar trademark, it rarely gives any protection if they have. And if somebody registers a similar trademark later, there may be difficulties in continuing to use that company name or website. The general rule is “trademark it or lose it”.

Trademarks are the most cost effective way for businesses to protect their name, products and reputation overseas. Every country has its own rules to manage and register trademarks, and Sovereign will work within those rules to protect your business.

Sovereign has established an IP division that offers the following services:


Registration of trademarks anywhere in the world and advice on a suitable trademark programme
Monitoring service to advise when others attempt to register similar marks
Advice in relation to all aspects of IP registration including designs, patents and copyright
Advice and assistance to protect IP rights from infringement and other abuse
Patent and petty patent registration
Domain name registration and escrow services
Sovereign can provide cost-effective advice to clients on the acquisition, exploitation, use and enforcement of IP rights on both a domestic and cross-border basis. We can also provide strategic advice to both established and developing companies.
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